Which detergent formula is right for me?

Rockin' Green detergents were created to work with different water types, so it's important to find the right formula for your area. If you are unsure of your water type you can contact your water provider and they can inform you what your gpg (grains per gallon) rating is, or they might give it to you in ppm (parts per million).  They are also required to provide you with water quality reports, so you can know exactly what is floating around in your local water.  Here is the breakdown of what product we recommend for each reading:

1-180ppm (or 1-6 gpg) = Classic Rock formula
181 ppm or higher (7 gpg or higher) = Hard Rock formula

The Athletic Wash formula is great for all water types: soft, moderate, or hard.  If you have questions about your particular area, don't hesitate to email us at guru@rockingreensoap.com and we can also help determine the water hardness in your area and make the appropriate product recommendation

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