Can I use your other products on my cloth diapers?

Yes absolutely!  Obviously, we don't mean the dish detergent...but our Athletic Wash is another great washing option for cloth diaper laundry.  It contains powerful stain fighting enzymes which not only help keep the diapers clean, but also keep them looking great.  Plus, the the tea tree oil in the Athletic Wash adds an additional component of sanitation, which is never a bad thing.  So, if you want to use an enzyme based detergent on your cloth diapers, give the athletic wash a try!

Obviously, the Classic/Hard Rock formulas and the Funk Rock are great on cloth diapers, but they also work great on all of your regular laundry as well.  There is no need to buy separate detergents for your regular and cloth diaper laundry, get everything you need in one product with one of our awesome, eco-friendly detergents!

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