How do I Rock a Soak?

Soaking is a great way to keep diaper build up at bay, and to give your diapers a deeper cleaning treatment than just the regular wash.  If ever you think your diapers need a little laundering TLC, here are the basic steps for rockin' a soak:

1. Fill your washer with hot water and 2-3 Tbsp of Rockin’ Green, along with your diapers or clothing.  If you have a front loader and can't do a soak, you can do this in a bucket or wash basin.  We have even talked to customer who soak in their bathtub.

2. Let it soak for approximately 30-60 minutes. Then launder several times without adding any soap, then dry like normal

*Tip: Repeat this process anytime you need a good deep-cleaning. Disclaimer: Items like PUL or TPU need to be washed with care, so please refer to the manufacturers washing instructions for more details. Avoid excessive soaking of PUL/TPU and natural fibers to extend their life span.

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