My baby has a rash, what do I do?

Rashes can be caused by a lot of things, changes in diet, teething, suede-cloth allergies when in doubt send us an email at and we will help you troubleshoot. Seriously, they call us the laundry gurus for a reason! For some immediate answers though, here's the most common causes of detergent related rashes and possible solutions:

- Did you recently switch to Rockin' Green? If you just made the jump, it's most likely old detergent coming to the surface and causing issues. Even if your first soak was clear, it's possible that minerals, enzymes and other gunk are now living on the surface of your diapers. So try Rockin' another soak and following up with several washes with nothing.

- Diapers look and smell great, but you are experiencing irritation? If you are using one of our scented detergents, try switching to our unscented option.  While we have taken great care to pick the gentlest scents on the market, we know that sometimes babies don't like to follow the rules. So skip the scent and try unscented.

- Diapers stinky? Coupled with sore bottoms? Check your wash routine and soap dosage. If your wash routine needs tweaking, you can experience ammonia buildup and eventually ammonia burn. Which isn't fun! Make sure that you are doing enough rinsing at both the beginning and end of your routine. Sometimes adding on an extra rinse at the end is all you need to fix an angry bottom.

- Diapers stink and extra rinsing doesn't help? Make sure that you are using the right formula for your water type. When in doubt send us an email or give us a call and we would be happy to help you figure out your water type. We can not only identify your particular water issues, but help you figure out the right dosage too.

We have done everything we can to create a product that is both safe for the environment and babies,so if something isn't working for you, we want to know about so we can help you and your baby get the best cloth diapering experience possible!

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