Water temperature and cloth diapers

There are different schools of thought when it comes to water temperature when washing cloth diapers.  There are those who choose to wash on the hottest possible temperature, and those who prefer to only wash on warm or even cold.  You can get clean diapers either way, but it is good to understand the roll that temperature plays in the overall washing process.

Most bacteria die when the water reaches a temp of 130-140 degrees (and many detergent ingredients react faster in this temp range), so washing in hot can make a big difference. Many diaper manufacturers warn against temps of 150 and over when PUL is involved, so keep your water heater set at around 130-140 for day to day washing.  It is also important to note that water over 150 degrees tends to "kill off" the active ingredients in detergents, so you won't get optimal effectiveness with your detergent which will result in sub par results in your washed diapers.    Note: Whatever temperature you have your water heater set at, it will usually come out of the tap about 10 degrees cooler.

Disclaimer: Always check with your diaper manufacturer regarding recommended wash procedure and temperature thresholds, especially when PUL/TPU is involved.

Temperature can also play a part when it comes to stains. Did you know that the best way to treat a stain is by rinsing it out at the same temperature that the stain was created? So leave the cold rinsing for ice cream stains, and move the dial to warm or hot for poop stains.

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