Getting your diapers back to baseline

Sometimes, you just need a good, deep cleaning, no nonsense strip on your remove any stubborn residues that just seem to not want to wash out.  This routine will help remove those lingering residues and get your diapers back to baseline clean:

1. Soak your diapers in hot water for several hours, with no detergent or funk rock added.  If you have a front loader and can't soak in your machine, you can do this in a large bucket, wash basin.  We have even known customers to do it in their bathtub.
2. Follow this initial soak with several hot wash/cold rinse cycle in your washing machine, with no detergent or funk rock added. This will help work out/loosen up anything that is stuck or lingering in your cloth.
3. Complete a one hour soak in hot water between 130-150 degrees with up to 4 Tbsp of Funk Rock (this is good for up to 20 diapers). Complete this step only if you are working on removing ammonia build up from your cloth.
4. After the one hour Funk Rock soak, complete an full regular wash routine: short warm wash cycle (on delicate, express wash, or the like), hot wash with regular amount of detergent (on heavy duty, whitest whites, or something similar), and 1-2 final cold rinses.
5. Dry like normal.

You do not need to do this process every time you wash, or even every time you soak.  This time intensive routine is designed to be help remedy very stubborn build up by incorporating a significant amount of the five variables of washing: time, temperature, agitation, water, and detergent (which you can read about in our Washing Cloth Diapers article in our FAQ section).  As always, if you have any questions about this process, or when to use it, don't hesitate to email us anytime!

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