Is Rockin' Green safe for natural fiber diapers?

There's a lot of false information going around about washing natural fiber diapers and it's important to know the facts. Bamboo and cotton are commonly used, and while they have a greener footprint than their synthetic counterparts, they will wear out faster and need to be replaced more often.

All of our products have been tested on these natural fabrics and when compared to washing with just water- showed no difference in the rate at which the fibers started to wear thin or break down.

In order to keep your diapers looking nice for longer simply follow these tips:

1. Know your water- and use the correct formula. When in doubt send us an email and we can help you determine the right formula for you. There are special water circumstances like high chlorination or salt water where natural fibers are to be avoided.

2. Have a larger stash. The more diapers in rotation, the less each piece is washed and the longer they will last.

3. Wash often! Natural fibers are not meant to stay wet for longer than 24-48 hours. Keeping them in a damp diaper bag for longer than that (i.e. wet pailing or going more than 2 days between washing) will promote mold and rot.

4. Limit soaking to once a month or every other month - as needed. (see reason #2) Soaking in a detergent solution can weaken natural fabrics, which is why its important to find a wash routine that works for you without the need for excessive soaking.

5. Make sure that your diapers are rinsed thoroughly. Detergent residue can lead to faster wear and tear.

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