What else can I use my Rockin' Green on?

Did you know that Rockin' Green can be used for more than just regular laundry? Here are just some of the ways our customers use Rockin' Green:

  • Cloth diapers (in fact, this product was originally designed for cloth diapers)
  • Old stinky sneakers or slippers
  • Drapes, blankets, and throw pillows
  • Sinks, toilets, showers.  Make a paste and clean your grouted tiles
  • Kids toys
  • Beanies, caps, and washable hats
  • Stinky kitchen cloths/towels
  • Add one tbsp in a bucket full of hot water to mop the kitchen floor
  • Military uniforms, along with other industrial uniforms
  • To spot clean pet accidents around the house
  • Shower curtain liners
  • Carpet cleaning machines
  • You can even make an all purpose cleaning spray with it!  (1teaspoon in 16oz of water...works great!)

If you have a unique way of using Rockin' Green, feel free to share it with us! 
*When using on carpets and other household fabrics, always test a small area first*

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